The Nusta Karpay - Awakening The Divine Feminine

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17. 01. 18


The 7 Andean Goddesses or NUSTAS are the princess archetypes of the mountains and lakes of Peru.

These initiations are the awakening of the Feminine Divine and the balancing of these in both males and females.  
These rights are open to both men and women and to both newcomers and those that have apprenticed for many years in traditional healing ways.  These teachings and transmissions offer each participant the possibility for a profound connection with the powerful female energies, known in the Andes as the Nustas. 

High in the Andes the beauty of ancient ceremonies and wisdom, embodied within the ancestral language of word and ritual, holds the blueprint for creating a vibrant heart centred life within a living universe.  These people have survived for centuries living at high altitudes, in simplicity, close to Pachamama.

Recently, with signs from the Apus [mountain spirits] and ancestral prophesies, handed down within the lineage of healer – mystics – came the message: it is now time to share the ceremonies and teachings.  The time has come for us to restore the balance of sacred reciprocity ~ Ayni ~ the living forces of life within our world.  This deceptively simple and powerful practice of the Andes, transcends cultural differences between the indigenous people of the Andes and western world.

As you expand your own skills and abilities, you will find your heart opening into a vivid awareness that you are part of a living Universe, moving into alignment with the natural forces of our world.  The rich array of practices that has been preserved and kept alive in the remote villages of the high Andes – offers the possibility of transforming our relationship with ourselves, each other and the world we live in. The Nustas are the princesses and goddesses of the mountains [Apus] and waters along the highlands of Peru and Bolivia.  The Nusta Karpay is the initiation of the Seven Goddesses of the Inka Shamanic tradition. Now is the time for the great transformation of humans to bring healing to Pachamama –mother earth.  The Nustas help with this balance by softening the hearts of men and women and to empower the feminine.  These seven initiations are seeds of light or energetic transmissions to balance these polarities within you.  As you heal and balance this Divine feminine within, so you do the same for Pachamama.

NUSTA KARPAY are Quechua words meaning “Seven Goddess Initiations” These special, beautiful and authentic initiations are currently spreading around the world.

These rites are available to everyone, male and female regardless of their spiritual orientation.  They are also NOT only for those that have apprenticed in the Andean or any other ancient spiritual traditions.  NUSTAS are the Goddesses and Sacred Archetypal feminine energies of nature.  They are the original princesses of the Andean Cosmology, and are sourced from the great mountains and sacred lakes of Peru.  They are also connected to other waters and mountains on our planet.  The word “Karpay” in Qechua means a rite or ceremony of initiation.

These rites were gifted to us from the Andean Q’ero medicine men and women of Peru via Don Mariano Quispe in 2010.

By receiving these rites one will heal and awaken your innate inner master.

Revitalise your heart connection with all that is, accelerate and support your spiritual growth.


Mama Occllo~ Connection to Lake Titicaca~Element of Earth
This rite opens your Root Chakra ~ then spiral up as you receive the seeds of Kanchay, illumination or light into each chakra.  This rite prepares you to receive the initiations for the other rites, as it opens your chakras and connects each one with a luminous spiral of light from your root to your crown.

Dona Mujia~ Connection with the Element of Water
You will receive this rite in your Second Chakra~ it is associated with the color Yellow for transformation - This rite connects you to the Mermaids and all the water beings that live in the waters of Mother Earth.  Purpose of this rite is to dissolve the negative aspects of the ego, and opening you to the concept of selfless union with others.  It assists you in releasing your connections to your “roles” while inviting you to transform the roles into positive interactions.

Mama Simona~ Connection to the Oldest Feminine Mountain in Peru, Puerta de Hayu Marka Doorway of the Amaru Meru (Aramu Muru)
You connect with the ancient feminine lineage, the ancestors, connecting with your roots, coming home to find yourself.  This rite opens you to connect with not only Mother Earth, but that deeper connection with yourself and how you connect with the land where you call home. With this rite, you receive a sacred stone linked with the lineage of the Nusta, a hummingbird stone connects with Don Mariano which comes from our local sacred mountain: Mt Tahoma (Rainier).  Don Mariano did ceremony on Mt. Tahoma to connect it with Mt Shasta and with the sacred mountains of the Andes in Peru.

Dona Theresa - associated with the heart shaped mountain near Ausungate in Peru. 
This rite opens your heart to all that is.  It clears the energy around your heart so that you may experience your emotions purely without judgment, and so that you may see life with clarity through the eyes of your heart.

Maria Sakapana~ Goddess of the Wind.
Maria Sakapana is associated with the two physical locations: Bolivia/Peru altiplano, near Lake Titicaca and a location between Q’eros Nation and apu Asusungate.  These are the places where the paqos and others go to open up and clear their fifth chakra to speak their truth.  This rite invites you to combust all that holds you back from speaking your truth, from stepping into your True Self.

Huana Waman Tiklla~ Connection to the Falcon Temple/the Temple of Clear Vision.
This is the journey you take to gain clarity and to do our deep visionary work.  With this rite you are connected to the spirits of the Falcon, Hawk, Eagle, Owl and Condor to assist you in understanding life with clarity and with a higher perspective.  All of these are considered feminine characteristics.  This is the opening of your third eye, inner vision the way to connect with the spirit realm.

Tomasa Waman Tiklla~ Sister of Huana Waman Tiklla.
She is the most remote, most solitude goddess of freedom. 
This is the rite of transformation, opens your crown chakra connecting you to your True Self.  This rite is the integration of all the Nustas and their blessings.

The Flowering Rite
With this rite your luminous body root, heart and crown are connected with threads of light which are then transmitted up to the Pleiades, connecting you to your feminine constellation.

The Tianchias Rite~ Creator Rite of the Munay-Ki 
“Awakens the creator-light within and brings forth a sense of stewardship for all creation, from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies in the universe.”  

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