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21st of August till 3rd of September 2018


3rd of September till the 15th of September 2018 

An Andean Shamanic Journey

Visiting sacred sites and some 'hidden sites' only accessed through a shaman guide. Sleep one night on the island of the Temple of the Sun and Moon Lake Titikaka connecting with the portals in this area. Visiting the powerful site of Doorway of the Gods - Amaru, Machu Picchu, Ollantayambo. Receive ancient healing initiations with the Q'ero Shamans. Working with sacred Andean techniques and Amayra shamanic ceremonies for spiritual awakening.   

Joshua has visited these sites during 2005, 2009 and 2012. This trip is designed to bring an unforgettable experience, visiting power spots in Peru, and working with the lineage teachings. The purpose of this trip is for remembering and bringing in more of your souls essence - to hold more light and to ground in the medicine teachings.

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Mother Ayahuasca

It is extremely dangerous to take any plant medicine without the guidance and protection of a Shaman who works with the utmost integrity and also who can hold sacred space. Abusing any plant medicine also comes with a price. I work with souls who have taken various plant medicines without a shaman being present and have then picked up all sorts of energetic parasites and it can also create various complications. I facilitate Soul Retrieval Healings to bring back soul loss from bad plant medicine journeys and also for grounding and integration. It is important to do you home work if you decide to explore with any plant medicine and to make sure your facilitator can hold and create sacred space. I highly recommend Carlos.

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Credo Mutwa calls this the most sacred site on Earth, where Heaven mated with the mother Earth.

He was initiated here in 1973. It is a well-known site among Shamans. 'This is one of the oldest sacred sites on the Earth, and was built even before humans existed'.

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