Amazon Sacred Medicine

16. 08. 12

Mother Ayahuasca

It is extremely dangerous to take any plant medicine without the guidance and protection of a Shaman who works with the utmost integrity and also who can hold sacred space. Abusing any plant medicine also comes with a price. I work with souls who have taken various plant medicines without a shaman being present and have then picked up all sorts of energetic parasites and it can also create various complications. I facilitate Soul Retrieval Healings to bring back soul loss from bad plant medicine journeys and also for grounding and integration. It is important to do you home work if you decide to explore with any plant medicine and to make sure your facilitator can hold and create sacred space. I highly recommend Carlos.

The intention of our ceremonies are to help people connect with God and to grow their love of Nature. We believe it is only through personal experience that one can accomplish this. To do so, one necessarily has to grow an intimate connection with oneself, clean the inner temple of the body/mind/spirit in order for consciousness to expand.

With the help of the Sacred Medicine from the Amazon forest, we gain a wider perspective of ourselves in connection with the Universe. We experience healing on many different levels. To have access to such spaces and experiences within is truly a blessing and a life transforming experience.

The Sacred Medicine is one of the most revered spirit plants in the whole world. It comes from the Amazon forest, a place where the spirits still live in nature and in intimate contact with humans. It has been used for many centuries, by shamans from the Amazon and the Andes as a way of expansion of consciousness and healing. Nowadays I have seen that more and more people around the world are feeling called by these ceremonies to reconnect with their own Divinity. It is a thirst for wholeness and connection with our Universe.

The intention and commitment of each participant will influence the experience enormously. It is important to set yourself up for success. To have the best results one has to take three important aspects into consideration: preparation, ceremony and integration. It is important to respect a specific diet and indications before the ceremony and also the restrictions after the ceremony.

The right context to ingest this medicine is in a ceremony guided by a competent curandero. This assures both a meaningful experience as well as safety. We very strongly recommend to only attend ceremonies with skillful and well trained curanderos, as we have seen over and over again the destructive effects of misguided experiences.  The Sacred Medicine is not a drug or something we drink to entertain ourselves and to have social gatherings. We personally see it as a tool to do healing in the spirit. The doctor not only cuts, but he has to disinfect the room, cut, do the healing, close the wound and protect the client in the time of vulnerability. The time of integration becomes the time that the wound needs to repair itself completely.

Integration after the ceremonial experience is just as important as the ceremony itself. Through thorough integration the lessons learned and healing received is actually able to become part of your daily life. It is through integration that we can metabolize Spirit: this is when Spirit becomes flesh, blood and bone. We have seen many people who guided from a sincere desire to change and heal do this work too frequently and instead of taking the time to support the integration, they become “indigested”. This has negative consequences and we advice not to do it. It is best to take time off to relax, build daily practices and allow things to fall into its own place.

The Sacred Medicine introduces us into the spiritual world, the collective unconscious, and our personal unconscious. It creates a template upon which our inner worlds and forces of Nature and High Heavens may be amplified a thousand times. The Sacred Medicine needs to be ingested in a highly structured manner that places a ritualistic framework of order around its use. The role of the ceremony leader is essential. It is he/she who places the protective cloak of ritual about the participants. It is he/she who tackles the bombardment of visual and auditory stimuli and gives them order. The person enters the visionary realm not out of boredom, but rather to fulfill some personal and collective need. Moreover the experience is explicitly sought for positive ends to heal and to connect deeper with the Self, God and Nature.

The ceremonial use of the Sacred Medicine is (most often) a collective journey into the spiritual world and the unconscious. It is not necessarily a pleasant or an easy journey. It is wondrous and it may be scary. But above all it is purposeful and healing. When we do this journey in a safe set and setting, we are able to confront our inner self and find the treasures hidden deep within below our fears. Many drugs help people to temporarily escape from their problems. In the way of the Sacred Medicine we don’t journey to escape from problems; we go directly and deeply into the problems to heal them. This is a path of warriors.

The intention of our work is to create a safe container for us to have the experience of connection with our personal, and collective Divinity. Healing becomes a process of cleansing, empowering and sanctifying ourselves. Deep love and compassion become the vehicle of this journey. We might need to go into our own darkness, but we go filled and surrounded by love and light. So it becomes a healing experience full of compassion and acceptance.

We are all connected by a field (Zero-point field) in which we are all webbed with each other. When we heal ourselves, we heal the systems we belong to. When we heal our systems, we are healing ourselves. The ultimate goal is to integrate into our daily lives the experience of God. I call it God and there are around 6 billion ways to understand it but it is the essence of the Great Spirit that we are all part of, as well as all of Creation. We firmly believe that God is the ultimate medicine for all ailments.


Even though the There are different contraindications with this medicine or with our work. It is very important to respect this. If you have been diagnosed with the following condition, or have been hospitalized in the past for these reasons, please contact us before signing up to personally discuss your situation and the possibility of participating.

  • If you have been initiated as a Sangoma
  • Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.
  • Bipolar type I (with history of manic episodes)
  • Dissociative Disorders
  • If you are currently taking medication for depression.
  • If you were vaccinated less than a week before the ceremony.
  • If you are taking antibiotics before or during the time of ceremony
  • If you have a heart, brain or blood circulatory condition.
  • If you are taking any psychiatric medication or other strong medication
  • If you don’t trust the experience.

It is important to understand that these contraindications are not meant to be a way to discriminate against or to reject people. It is just a way to understand the energy of this spiritual aid. Even though our Spiritual Aid helps heals us and helps us to overcome many issues, it is essential to avoid it when having these conditions for our personal well being.

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