About Joshua

Joshua is a qualified and registered Rogerian Counsellor, Natural Health Medicine Coach and Channel (300 hours Dr. Alberto Villoldo - Four Winds School), VortexHealer® and Suyu Llagte Alto Misayoq Level Training, (3.3) Shaman Facilitator.  During 2009, Joshua received his Ayllu Alto Misayoq (3.1) level initiations as an Andean Shaman in the Sacred Valley of Peru.  

During 2011 Joshua completed the teacher level training  for the Shamanic Munay Ki Rites. During the Deepening of the Munay Ki training in Peru in August 2012, Joshua was directly initiated by the Q’ero Masters, Dona Juanita and Don Francisco in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

During 2014/2015/2016 Joshua received Darshan/Oneness Blessings by Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, Avatar embodiment of The Divine Mother and during May and Dec 2015 and June 2017 Joshua received the Paramatman Light, Darshan blessings directly from the Avataric channel, Mother Meera.  Paramatman means literally ‘Highest Self ‘or ‘the Self of the whole Universe’. Mother, as Avatar, is a primal force of evolution and Mother’s own divine Light acts as a catalyst that turns on our own inner Light. Joshua has also completed the Course by Drunvalo Melkezideck - "Awakening the Illuminated Heart", a technique that teaches you how to consciously live and co-create from the Sacred point within the Sacred Chamber of the Sacred Heart

In 2005, Joshua received training and initiations by Lama Yeshe Rinpoche under the Lama Yeshe Kagyu Tibetian Lineage where he took refuge as a ‘monk’.  Joshua learned various meditation and mind stillness techniques since 1999, and today he acts as a meditation mentor to those wanting to understand and master their own shadow self and master their own reality. 

Joshua has studied with various shamans across the globe and by combining many different healing modalities; Joshua makes use of his own soul’s creativity and his own healing gifts. Currently, Joshua is completing the full training, the VortexHealing System® under Rick Weinman, the founder and also receiving training/initiations under various shamans /curandero’s as a Shamanic Soul Retrieval Facilitator and Shadow Mastery Mentor.

Joshua is also busy completing his Ph.D in Theology, specializing in Pastoral Counselling Psychology and the Advanced Training Courses through Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s Four Winds School.

Joshua has appeared regularly in the media for his work as a Therapist and Healer. During 2009 he appeared on the television program Free Spirit and was also interviewed by Radio Jozi today. During 2010, Joshua was interviewed by Cape Talk for his work as a Shamanic Healer and Therapist.  During 2013, Joshua was also interviewed by Destiny Magazine for his work as a Shaman Healer & Facilitator.