Born into a family with natural healing & intuitive gifts, Joshua's grandfather was a Priest & Counselor and his grandmother a Counseling Therapist and a Clairvoyant Healer. Joshua's grandmother had her own church/healing practice in South Africa where she was running healing and prayer services for over 50 years to the community.  Joshua has received many different healing experiences and teachings throughout his life which changed his life tremendously in a positive way.  At the age of 13 years, Joshua experienced his own miraculous healing through prayer & energy healing.  This experience started his own spiritual journey.   Since a child, through his grandmother, Joshua received blessings and initiations by the Holy Spirit.  Working closely with the energy of the Holy Spirit, Joshua learned from a young age how to follow the light of his soul and to listen to the inner voice for soul guidance.

Joshua believes that all inner work leads to remembrance of our enlightenment and through his own effort and self-discovery, Joshua came to realize that all beings can evolve and become their highest, if they do the necessary inner work and commit to the healing & evolutionary journey of the soul.

Joshua has embarked on his own journey of self-discovery and self-healing, which he believes is an integral and the most important part of assisting others to heal themselves.   His purpose is to awaken, guide, help and assist people who are eager to know and heal themselves, embrace their life purpose and to full fill their highest potential.   His intention in his work is to help his clients to clear deep seated issues that have blocked the soul’s path and helping people to uncover their true spiritual natures and fulfil their calling on earth.

Joshua has a passion for travelling and Mother Earth and since 1999 he has travelled extensively to work with the earths leylines at various sacred sites like Stonehenge & Glastonbury in England, Merlins Cave in Corn Wall, Mount Sinia, (Moses Mountain), the Pyramids of Giza and Karnak Temple in Egypt, Roslyn Chapel and Findhorn in Scotland, Machu Picchu & Doorway to the Gods in Peru, Wat Pho Temple & Wat Phra Kaew Temple in Thailand, Torres Del Paine Mountain in Patogonia Chili, Anundshog sacred site in Sweden, Thingvellir platonic plates in Iceland, the Greece Santorini island and Adams Calendar in South Africa.

Joshua has trained in the UK at the College of Psychic Studies, The London School of Economic Science and Philosophy, the South African School of Applied Psychology where he completed a Diploma in Counseling and Communication Skills and completed 200 hours field work working with children with learning difficulties and also completed 18 months volunteer work at the Red Cross Hospital in Cape Town South Africa where he worked in the Burn & Cancer Units.  He also completed a Diploma in Metaphysical Counseling through the Vibration Energy Medicine Institute of South Africa.  Joshua completed up to Advanced Level in Thai Acupressure Sen Massage through the ITMSA School in South Africa and Teacher Level Training in the Thai Sen Foot Reflex training modality.  He also completed his metaphysical healing training through the National Healing Association. Joshua is also a National Regional Teacher in the modalities of Soul Retrieval, a registered NHA course in South Africa.

During 2009, Joshua started the NPO Charity Conscious Generation to raise money and create opportunities for those less fortunate and this NPO has already taken on small projects. The NPO was inspired by Lillian van den Berg, one of the burn unit patients Joshua counseled and become a sponsor for at the Red Cross Hospital.

Joshua was further privately trained and initiated in the UK by International Seichem and Sekhem Master, Amravati Mitchell where he completed his Reiki and Seichim Master’s Teacher Level Training.  Joshua has also received training and initiations by Lama Yeshe Rinpoche under the Lama Yeshe Kagyu Tibetian Lineage where he took refuge during 2005 at the Tibetan School in Cape Town and he also participate in various 10 day Vippasanna Meditation retreats and teachings under S.N Goenka in the UK and also in South Africa. 

Trained and initiated since 2004 as a Andean Shamanic Master Healer and Teacher by Peruvian Inkari Shaman Master, Kamaq Wageaq, Joshua traveled to Peru during August 2009 where he received the Ayllu Alto Misayoq (3.1) level training in the Andean Shamanic Tradition in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Joshua then completed his Llagta Alto Misayoq (Level 3.2) Shaman training during 2010.

During 2011 he also completed his Hypnotherapy Training & Regression Therapy Training through the South African Modern Hypnotherapy Academy and also during 2011, Joshua received the teachings and transmissions of the Shamanic 9 Munay-Ki Rites by Diane Dunn. These teachings are the next step in the evolution of humanity, realign and attune our neural pathways and truly shift human consciousness.  During August 2012 Joshua was directly initiated by the Q’ero Shaman Masters, Dona Juanita and Don Francisco in the Sacred Valley of Peru.  During 2012 and 2013, Joshua completed his training in the Quantum Health Kinesiology energy healing Training Course and also Body Talk Fundamentals. Also during 2012 and 2013, Joshua completed the Course by Drunvalo Melkezideck - "Awakening the Illuminated Heart", a technique that teaches you how to consciously live and manifest from the Sacred point within the human Heart Chakra.

During 2001, Joshua received  Darshan (Oneness Blessing) through Mirabaie Devi, a living expression of the Divine Mother.  Since 2014 he received Darshan/Oneness Blessings by Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, Avatar embodiment of The Divine Mother.  During Darshan, a Master activates an awakening in your soul and triggers deep soul healing, karmic release and the awakening of the sacred heart. 

During May and December 2015 Joshua received the Paramatman Light, Darshan Blessings directly from the Avataric Channel, Mother Meera.  Paramatman means literally ‘Highest Self ‘or ‘the Self of the whole Universe’. Mother, as Avatar, is a primal force of evolution and Mother’s own divine Light acts as a catalyst that turns on our own inner Light.  Joshua also received darshan by Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda, an enlightened spiritual master and founder of Bhakti Marga, the path of Devotion. 

Joshua has also studied through the FourWinds School, the school of Dr. Alberto Villoldo where he completed his 300 hours training as a Natural Health Medicine Coach.  

Joshua has studied with various shamans across the globe and by combining many different healing modalities; Joshua makes use of his own soul’s creativity and his own healing gifts.

Currently, Joshua is completing the full training, the VortexHealing System® under Rick Weinman, the founder and also receiving training under certain curandero’s as a Shamanic Soul Retrieval Facilitator and Shadow Mastery Mentor

Joshua has also appeared in the media for his work as a Therapist and Healer. During 2009 he appeared on the television program Free Spirit and was also interviewed by Radio Jozi today. During 2010, Joshua was interviewed by Cape Talk for his work as a Shamanic Healer and Therapist.  During 2013, Joshua was also interviewed by Destiny Magazine for his work as a Shaman Healer & Facilitator.