16. 08. 16

The Fragmented Soul

Soul loss results from an encounter with extreme and recurrent trauma or abuse, during which the person is vulnerable and has no resources for dealing with it, such as happens with very young children. It refers to the most vulnerable parts of a soul splitting off and leaving the main part to deal with the trauma. As the trauma continues to be repeated, more and more of the soul leaves or becomes fragmented. In some cases, if the person is lucky enough to re-establish a feeling of safety and love in their life, the soul parts can be persuaded to come back.


16. 08. 16



"One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star." ~ Friedrich W. Nietzsche.



  • Working Shamanicly with the Shadow.
  • Master your Shadow.
  • Tracking Shadow parts in the unconscious. 
  • Understanding the different facets/Aspects of the Shadow.
  • Your future & Potential on Earth.
  • 5 Dimensional Body/Soul Detox.
  • Taking full responsibility for your creation.
  • Your Highest Path and Future potential realities. 
  • The time is now: Conscious Co-creation. 
  • Coping mechanisms & Fear.
  • Dark Forces & their role.
  • The 5d Consciousness & Body.
  • Bringing Ascension through your creation.
  • Shamanic tools/techniques to awaken your pineal gland.
  • Emotional Body Mastering.
  • Grounding your Creator Consciousness.
  • Accessing conscious creation potential. 
  • Working with Gaia and her Galactic Brothers/Sisters.
  • REMEMBER who you are.
  • Mastering your energy system.
  • We are the ones we have been waiting for.
  • Taking back your power and grounding it.
  • The Self saboteur – Surrender to healing. 
  • Soul retrieval retrieving back soul loss/traumas/wounds.
  • Regression work healing the soul. 
  • Your role to play.
  • On-going shadow support.
  • Mastering your world on all levels.
  • Becoming the Magus/Magician Archetype.
  • The Visionary & how to apply & ground it’s gifts.
  • Pure Heart, Pure Soul, Creation at its best.
  • Understanding energy & it’s effect on one’s consciousness.
  • Kundalini & the Tantric Shaman.
  • On-going individual coaching/channeling support.

"The shadow is not a problem to be solved or an enemy to be conquered, but a fertile field to be cultivated. When we dig our hands into its rich soil, we will discover the potent seeds of the people we most desire to be." Debbie Ford

These sessions are designed for those who area on a committed spiritual path and want to go deeper into understanding their own creation process.  These sessions are designed to make you conscious of various shadow parts and then working creatively with these shadow parts of healing and integration. Part of these sessions we will also focus on the self-saboteur, understanding the working of the dark and creating the 5 Dimensional body. This sessions are designed for those willing, ready and committed to follow the light of their soul and ready to surrender to their Highest path and grounding the gifts of this path.  Learn to consciously create daily and follow the Highest and easiest most fulfilling & enlightening path your soul wants you to follow. The time is now to recommit to Soul and align at a deeper level.  

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."- Jung


16. 08. 12

This Ancient Ceremony is called an Alcanco form the verb Alcancar which means to REACH - (TO GOD, SOURCE, SPIRIT)

An alcanco healing session is a very deep sacred process that brings in support from Source.  This is another incredible Andean healing technique.  This is a powerful healing ritual that brings deep transformative healing to one's psychic and life.  Fire focuses and activates higher intentions, cleansed the energy field, and is the prime transformer used for millennia by indigenous people to shift the form of matter.  Fire can burn away obstacles and unhealthy patterns and shine the light on and empower deeper wishes.

This is a powerful healing ritual that brings deep transformative healing to one's psychic and life. During an Alcanco the four elements are invoked, worked with and balanced within the person receiving the Alcanco.

According to Achim Eckert, M.D., author of “Chinese Medicine for Beginners”, the Chinese believe that the elements of nature affect our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Although Chinese medicine recognizes five elements—five powers, energies, or qualities of the universe—in this article we’re going to refer to the four elements of Western tradition: fire, water, earth, and air. These elements keep each other in balance and nourish, as well as constrain, each other. By regulating the flow of each of these energies, and adjusting any excesses or deficiencies, you can create health and harmony in your life, as the following quote by Achim Eckert illustrates: “If the energetic relationships of the elements are not balanced, this expresses itself in a human being as discomfort and illness, and in a society as weakness, injustice, and war. If the elements in a person—as well as in a society or a state—are balanced and strong, one finds harmony and health, beauty and grace.”
The 4 elements are balanced through the 3 levels of the human psyche, The Subconscious, Conscious and Super conscious Mind, similar to Jungian and Freudian Psychology. The Shaman Priest works through these 3 levels of the mind and using specific herbs, that comes from sacred and holy plants, trees and leaves from Peru, these extensions of the EARTH also works on the person receiving the Alcanco. These sacred herbs and extracts of plants burns through the 3 levels of the human psyche and bring deep healing to the soul receiving the Alcanco.
Fire has the power of an intention and it is intention which moves the worlds. Jus the same as we light a candle in a church to send a healing prayer to someone close by. The Fire element is used to send ones intentions and to bring Alchemical changes to one's psyche through the element of fire. 
This healing is used to bring LIGHT and assist anywhere it is necessary e.g. healing, health, abundance, sentiment, manifestation and guidance and clarity.

An Alcano Healing can be used for the following:

  • Grief release 
  • Working on various emotions that are suppressed in the body.
  • Releasing guilt and shame.
  • Sexual blockages.
  • Releasing anger, fear and resentment.
  • Working with pain in the body.
  • Self worth problems.
  • Releasing toxic karmic knots and negative cords between souls.
  • Clearing the energy bodies and aura.
  • Setting clear intentions with Fire for manifestation.
  • Releasing vows of suffering and renouncing forgiveness.

Alcanco Sessions are extraordinary and a Gift from God.

This healing and intention setting can take up to 12 months to integrate after your actual Alcanco.




16. 08. 12


The Despacho Ceremony is a traditonal sacred shamanic ceremony from the high Andes of Peru. This ceremony can be performed individually or as a group.  Perfect for honouring and celebrating the new year, birthdays, weddings, memorials, buying or selling property and other major life transitions like spiritual awakenings and spiritual transitions.

A Shamanic Despacho is an Ancient Shamanic Healing Session.  This is a powerful ritual to reach up to Spirit and to ask for her assistance to bring healing to your soul and helping you to ground your intentions and goals.

As the ancient Indian sages observed thousands of years ago, our destiny is shaped by the deepest level of our intention and desire. Once we plant the seed of an intention in the fertile ground of pure potentiality, our soul’s journey unfolds automatically, as naturally as a bulb becomes a tulip or an embryo becomes a child.  Discover what you are really wanting! Find the essence energy of your desires. Create energy intentions that are uniquely yours. Build the energy to create and allow you’re receiving. Align your will with the Will of God. Trust the flow of the Universe and stay conscious, focused and willing to follow the flow and the light of your soul. Find your passion and joys and live them.

A Shamanic Healing Despacho dates back thousands of years and the results are astonishing. A personal Despacho can be done for anything and anyone.

Over 35 ingredients are placed within a Despacho and are placed symbolically within the 3 levels of the human consciousness.  The intentions anchored into the sacred mandala are then buried in the Earths Body, anchoring your intentions/wishes into Mother Earth, allowing her to continue working on your psyche and soul for up to 12 months.

It is a powerful ritual and healing to have quick and effective results.  A Despacho session also re-connects you to the essence of Spirit/God and allowing this energy to work with you and through you.

Shamanic Empowerment Despacho Sessions brings deep healing to the following:

  • Setting intentions to manifest a goal.
  • Clear spiritual support and guidance.
  • To bring healing on all levels. 
  • To bring in support and assistance for a specific goal.
  • Guidance and Protection.
  • Starting a new business or project.
  • Relationship goals and healing.
  • Grounding creativity, a project, your souls purpose.
  • Ritual purposes.
  • Anchor energies into your home or life.
  • Supporting change.
  • To bless your children, family, home or a situation.
  • Support all healing and illnesses and recoveries.