Fire Alcanco Healing

16. 08. 12

This Ancient Ceremony is called an Alcanco form the verb Alcancar which means to REACH - (TO GOD, SOURCE, SPIRIT)

An alcanco healing session is a very deep sacred process that brings in support from Source.  This is another incredible Andean healing technique.  This is a powerful healing ritual that brings deep transformative healing to one's psychic and life.  Fire focuses and activates higher intentions, cleansed the energy field, and is the prime transformer used for millennia by indigenous people to shift the form of matter.  Fire can burn away obstacles and unhealthy patterns and shine the light on and empower deeper wishes.

This is a powerful healing ritual that brings deep transformative healing to one's psychic and life. During an Alcanco the four elements are invoked, worked with and balanced within the person receiving the Alcanco.

According to Achim Eckert, M.D., author of “Chinese Medicine for Beginners”, the Chinese believe that the elements of nature affect our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Although Chinese medicine recognizes five elements—five powers, energies, or qualities of the universe—in this article we’re going to refer to the four elements of Western tradition: fire, water, earth, and air. These elements keep each other in balance and nourish, as well as constrain, each other. By regulating the flow of each of these energies, and adjusting any excesses or deficiencies, you can create health and harmony in your life, as the following quote by Achim Eckert illustrates: “If the energetic relationships of the elements are not balanced, this expresses itself in a human being as discomfort and illness, and in a society as weakness, injustice, and war. If the elements in a person—as well as in a society or a state—are balanced and strong, one finds harmony and health, beauty and grace.”
The 4 elements are balanced through the 3 levels of the human psyche, The Subconscious, Conscious and Super conscious Mind, similar to Jungian and Freudian Psychology. The Shaman Priest works through these 3 levels of the mind and using specific herbs, that comes from sacred and holy plants, trees and leaves from Peru, these extensions of the EARTH also works on the person receiving the Alcanco. These sacred herbs and extracts of plants burns through the 3 levels of the human psyche and bring deep healing to the soul receiving the Alcanco.
Fire has the power of an intention and it is intention which moves the worlds. Jus the same as we light a candle in a church to send a healing prayer to someone close by. The Fire element is used to send ones intentions and to bring Alchemical changes to one's psyche through the element of fire. 
This healing is used to bring LIGHT and assist anywhere it is necessary e.g. healing, health, abundance, sentiment, manifestation and guidance and clarity.

An Alcano Healing can be used for the following:

  • Grief release 
  • Working on various emotions that are suppressed in the body.
  • Releasing guilt and shame.
  • Sexual blockages.
  • Releasing anger, fear and resentment.
  • Working with pain in the body.
  • Self worth problems.
  • Releasing toxic karmic knots and negative cords between souls.
  • Clearing the energy bodies and aura.
  • Setting clear intentions with Fire for manifestation.
  • Releasing vows of suffering and renouncing forgiveness.

Alcanco Sessions are extraordinary and a Gift from God.

This healing and intention setting can take up to 12 months to integrate after your actual Alcanco.