Shamanic Despacho Healing

16. 08. 12


The Despacho Ceremony is a traditonal sacred shamanic ceremony from the high Andes of Peru. This ceremony can be performed individually or as a group.  Perfect for honouring and celebrating the new year, birthdays, weddings, memorials, buying or selling property and other major life transitions like spiritual awakenings and spiritual transitions.

A Shamanic Despacho is an Ancient Shamanic Healing Session.  This is a powerful ritual to reach up to Spirit and to ask for her assistance to bring healing to your soul and helping you to ground your intentions and goals.

As the ancient Indian sages observed thousands of years ago, our destiny is shaped by the deepest level of our intention and desire. Once we plant the seed of an intention in the fertile ground of pure potentiality, our soul’s journey unfolds automatically, as naturally as a bulb becomes a tulip or an embryo becomes a child.  Discover what you are really wanting! Find the essence energy of your desires. Create energy intentions that are uniquely yours. Build the energy to create and allow you’re receiving. Align your will with the Will of God. Trust the flow of the Universe and stay conscious, focused and willing to follow the flow and the light of your soul. Find your passion and joys and live them.

A Shamanic Healing Despacho dates back thousands of years and the results are astonishing. A personal Despacho can be done for anything and anyone.

Over 35 ingredients are placed within a Despacho and are placed symbolically within the 3 levels of the human consciousness.  The intentions anchored into the sacred mandala are then buried in the Earths Body, anchoring your intentions/wishes into Mother Earth, allowing her to continue working on your psyche and soul for up to 12 months.

It is a powerful ritual and healing to have quick and effective results.  A Despacho session also re-connects you to the essence of Spirit/God and allowing this energy to work with you and through you.

Shamanic Empowerment Despacho Sessions brings deep healing to the following:

  • Setting intentions to manifest a goal.
  • Clear spiritual support and guidance.
  • To bring healing on all levels. 
  • To bring in support and assistance for a specific goal.
  • Guidance and Protection.
  • Starting a new business or project.
  • Relationship goals and healing.
  • Grounding creativity, a project, your souls purpose.
  • Ritual purposes.
  • Anchor energies into your home or life.
  • Supporting change.
  • To bless your children, family, home or a situation.
  • Support all healing and illnesses and recoveries.