Quantum Kinesiology

16. 08. 16

Applied Kinesiology defined as the science and art of energy balancing, has now been with us for some decades. Now in this new millennium, the future of this multi-faceted modern healing paradigm promises to be both extremely extensive in its application in healing and a key player in the shifting of human consciousness to a deeper awareness.


  • Working with Fears, Core Shadow Beliefs and MindStates.
  • Working with core emotional blockages in the emotional and energetic system.
  • Releasing Childhood traumas and blockages and wounds.
  • Quantum Health Kinesiology Sessions doing a physical assessment and health check.
  • Body toxins and assessment:
  • Liver, immune system, candida and parasite and chronic fatigue.
  • Body detoxing assessment:
  • Heavy Metals, Bacterial infections, Liver, Gall bladder and kidney.
  • Detox plans for body detoxing and health.
  • Food allergy testing.
  • Allergy testing.
  • Physical Level Syndrome testing. 
  • Supplement testing.
  • Quantum Health Kinesiology Sessions finding the emotional charge underlying the Health Syndrome. 



  • Quantum Health Supplements, herbal and homeopathic formulas by Dr. Frans Kromhout.
  • Detox Supplements, both herbal and heomepathic by Dr. Frans Kromhout.
  • Geopathic and Electromagnetic Quantum Cards for home and personal use.