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Experience a holistic system of energetic healing that channels divine light and consciousness – to heal the body, transform emotional patterns, and awaken us to True Self.

This is the Merlin Lineage.

VortexHealing® is a divinely channeled healing system and energy healing modality, channeled through the Avatar Called Mehindra who lived in India over 5000 years ago.  This avatar has come to the planet to embody magical transformation, the purpose of this Avatar was to leave behind a healing Modality called Vortex Healing to help humans to wake up from the Veils and conditioned consciousness and to experience Oneness with Divinity.  During these sessions, the Avatar Mehindra/Merlin will guide Joshua to tract and clear energy blockages in the various energy systems. Combining Vortexhealing® art now with various shamanic healing techniques, including Soul Retrieval techniques, Regression Counselling and Regression hypnotherapy. (Non-Medical) and Quantum Kinesiology and Body Healing Therapy.

Joshua uses his intuition to track energy blockages in the various energy systems:

  • Bring shadow parts into the light.
  • Blockages preventing Soul alignement.
  • Blockages to abundance, prosperity and manifestation.
  • Spiritual pujas for spiritual support and healing.
  • Clearing vows that are blocking progress.
  • Working with sabotaging patterns.
  • Tracking belief of believes.
  • Fears in the various energy chakras.
  • Bringing energy bodies back into alignment when they are out.
  • Entity clearing and removal when appropriate.
  • Working with trauma and shock.
  • The wounded self and mental blockages.
  • Chronic Fatigue and adrenal fatigue.
  • Stress on body and organs and various body pathways.
  • Energize or move physical, emotional and karmic stuff.
  • Ongoing clearing karmic knots from the karmic body.
  • Ongoing clearing emotional residue from the emotional body and karmic body.
  • Energize, clear and harmonize the acupuncture meridians.
  • Working with the vital/divine webs of creation which manifest in the physical body and maintain it.
  • Energize the body, specific parts/organs through these webs, as well as fixing any broken web-lines/Divine Web lines in energy system.
  • Energize the body/organs where is most needed and bringing deep healing to various energy acupuncture points/organs.
  • Cutting cords and unhooking karmic hooks monthly
  • Clearing Ego positionings held as suffering and separation identities in Personality field.
  • Working on strengthening the whole energy system, includes aura and chakras.
  • Releasing conditioning held in the body/chakras.
  • Clearing karmic webbing held in the karmic body.
  • Clearing out infections in the body.
  • Clearing out radiation/environmental toxins held in the body.
  • Working with strengthening the life force in the body, including vital webs.
  • Purification of the water in the body in between joints/bones/organs.
  • Releasing toxins held in the brain and cells, including refined sugar, pollutants, viruses, heavy metals etc.
  • Working with awakening the Heart chakra to Divinity Consciousness, and bridging ones consciousness directly to this Divine Space within the Heart.
  • Working on the 33 Tissues in the body for healing and detoxing to reverse the ageing process and supporting the body to be healthy and to regenerate the tissues.
  • Working on the conditionings held in the heart chakra, that is blocking giving and receiving love.
  • Working with energetic homeopathic formulas including San Pedro and Ayahuasca.
  • Body alignment treatment structures to re-align the body physically.
  • Life Essences transmission, including vitamins, nutrition, crystals for healing.
  • Transforming Detox Energy to facilitate body/organs to detox.
  • Releasing impressions/foreign energy picked up from environment/family members/other humans/clients held in aura.
  • Clearing foreign energy, mass consciousness matrixes held in aura.
  • Removing negative thought fields/thought forms/through structures from aura.
  • Restore ongoing life-force in kidney, mingmeng and dantian point in body, including kidney, adrenal chi, life chi.
  • Clearing conditionings held from both mother and father and genetic blood line.
  • Energetic intervention done on body organs and energy field.
  • Clearing the Kundalini Channel and unplugging Kundalini vortex.
  • Working with and clearing the Ego-positioning that are appropriate for the group.
  • Clearing Karmic webbing and emotional residue left over from Ego-positionings.
  • Reboot Body organs for optimal Health.
  • Working creatively with Shadow parts of healing and integration.
  • Intuitive guidance on shadow parts, counselling support understanding one's shadow self.


  • Awakening out of of conditioned webs of reality and identity.
  • Waking up and beyond the human Ego.
  • Releasing false identities/historical emotional conditioning.
  • Releasing separation consciousness in the core of all diseases and where soul loss occurred.
  • Bridging of one’s consciousness from head to heart.
  • Manage one’s energy system, strengthening it and maintaining it
  • Bridging the Divine Deeper into the Energy System for healing, intelligence awakening and soul awakening.
  • Releasing the separate self, the ‘I’ which creates suffering and separation.
  • Unhooking from Life’s issues, including karma, karmic knots and karmic consciousness.
  • Tracking core issues in the system for releasing.
  • Naturally raising one’s kundalini energy for becoming a conscious creator.
  • Spiritual awakening and awakening to true self.
  • Raising one’s frequency permanently through new energy healing tools.
  • Embodiment of the Divine Mind, Divine Heart and Divine Body.
  • Awakening of one’s own soul’s gifts/hidden potential/destiny.
  • Birthing and the ‘Marriage’ of the inner Divine Masculine/Feminine. 
  • Understand, master and embracing your shadow self.

VortexHealing® is a registered service mark of R. Weinman & VH Trust. All rights reserved. Used here with permission.