Awakening the God-Brain

in Classes
16. 08. 16

This workshop will cover the teachings on Rewiring of the pineal gland back to the sacred heart. This course will focus on the illusion and dangers of opening the brow chakra without mutual emotion healing, emotional maturity and embodiment of a certain amount of emotional intelligence. 

The most powerful for form of psychic knowingness lies within the heart chakra, the healed and open heart chakra. This workshop is a must for those wanting to develop the many gifts/talents and psychic powers of the Higher Mind and God-Brain. This workshop will also focus on natural health medicine coaching to detox the brain, various extractions and healing techniques to support clearing the energy pathways of the brain, neurons in the brain, working with belief systems, child hood memories and traumas.  This workshop is also for those wanting to develop more heart energy and consciousness in order to be more in tuned  with the inner voice, soul guidance and ones own intuition and wanting to use more of one's own inner creation energy to co-create and create something of meaning in this life.